November 11, 2010


This thick flatbread baked in the special tandoor oven (a type of clay oven) was always my favorite. But, while in India, I never really tried making it except once. And as I had tried to bake them in normal oven at home then, the naans came out hard and crunchy instead of its soft chewy texture. After that failure I never really tried again. Now here in Slovenia I tried making it once more. And this time on a flat pan over heat. To my surprise, it turned out perfect, soft and chewy with this amazing smell of fresh yeast breads. Greased with a bit of butter on top, they are eaten much quicker than I can make them.

You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

(Makes 10)

750g flour (bread flour that contains high gluten)
7g dry active yeast
1 cup light yogurt
Warm water
1sp salt
3tbsp oil


1. Make a hole in the mound of flour and add the yeast in it. Add salt and oil on the side and start making the dough with a bit of warm water.
2. Add yogurt and make tight dough adding a little water at a time.
3. Knead the dough for 10mins more.
4. Cover it with kitchen cloth and keep in warm place for an hour to let it rise.
5. When the dough has doubled in volume, knead again for 5mins.
6. Divide in 10 equal balls.
7. Roll each ball into an elongated or teardrop shape.
8. Dust a little bit of flour on both sides of the naans, cover them and keep aside for 30 more minutes.
9. Heat a flat pan uniformly and then reduce the heat to medium.
10. Bake each naan at a time, gently pressing with spatula on the already baked side.
11. When the naan is baked through and is getting brown spots, remove it from the pan and grease it with butter (optional).

You can also of course use other forms of yeast instead of dry yeast.

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