November 11, 2010

Corn and prawn salad

I am not a fan of green salad. However, I find salads interesting when it is a mixture of different tastes, textures and colors. This makes it look very palatable, and interesting. I wished some quick dish that would use the corn that was sitting for some time now, would be healthy, and interesting. And thus came out this colorful salad. The sweet taste of the juicy corn and the saltiness of the prawns with a hint of chili complemented each other. Salad greens and fresh tomato gave a crunchy freshness. The soft creamy mozzarella topped it. Looking at my colorful plate, I couldn’t resist eating and just got time to quickly take a few pictures. The taste was great, an excellent mixture of flavors and textures.

You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

(Serves 2)

100g lamb’s lettuce (corn salad)
300g sweet corn seeds
400g prawn (small)
1 medium sized tomato
8 fresh mozzarella balls (small)
Wine vinegar
Chili oil


1. Wash the lamb’s lettuce, dress in wine vinegar and salt.
2. Heat chili oil and sauté the corn seasoned with salt and pepper.
3. In chili oil, fry well the prawns. Season it with salt and pepper at the end.
4. Cut the tomato in slices.
5. Cut the mozzarella balls in half.
6. On serving plate, make a bed of the lamb’s lettuce. Next make a layer of corn. Put on top the tomato slices. Add the fried prawns as last layer. Top with fresh mozzarella balls.

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