February 24, 2012

Walnut potica

Potica is a traditional Slovene dessert. The thin rolled pastry dough stuffed with different sweet fillings is not only delicious to eat but like a delicate art. Blaž was saying how he likes the walnut potica more, and therefore, this time walnut potica was on the menu. His mama got this recipe from her colleague. I was very excited to make it. This time I was more focused on trying to roll the potica and thinly as possible and make many nice thing layers after I tightly roll it. After it was sliced through, I was happily satisfied. It looked pretty good, almost like the ones made my grandmas or like the ones one gets in stores. And Blaž loved eating them!

You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

For dough:
600g BONI flour (a dry flour mix that contains dried eggs)
25ml rum
250-300ml water
30g yeast
50ml milk
1tbsp sugar
1tbsp flour

For filling:
1.5l walnuts (by volume)
250ml cream
200g sugar
1 egg
2tbsp apricot marmalade
150g raisins
100g cooking chocolate or cocoa
7g vanilla sugar
1sp lemon rinds

1 egg
Vanilla sugar for dusting


1.      Soak the raisins in rum.
2.      Warm 50ml of milk with 1 spoon each of sugar and flour. When the milk is lukewarm, remove it from heat and add the yeast. Cover it and allow it to rise for 15min.
3.      In the flour add the rum, yeast and required amount of lukewarm water to make a smooth soft dough. Cover and set aside in a warm place for 30-60mins.
4.      Grind the walnuts, such that they are still crunchy and not too fine. Keep aside half of the portion.
5.      Boil the sweet cream.
6.      Add half of the walnuts in it. Remove from heat.
7.      Add sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon rinds, chocolate/cocoa, marmalade, soaked raisins, and the remaining walnuts. Mix well.
8.      When it is a bit colder, add one egg and mix.
9.      After an hour when the dough has risen, roll it into a ~3-4mm thin big square. (Use the dining table and one clean tablecloth dusted with flour for rolling. The thinner it is the better, but take care to not make holes)
10.   Spread the filling evenly on it and tightly roll it into a log.
11.   Put it in a greased round baking tray. Cover it and let it rise for another 30mins in a warm place.
12.   Smear it with beaten egg (for color). Prick the dough several times with needle.
13.   Bake it in a preheated oven at 170°C for 1-1:15hr. (Cover the potica with a foil if it is getting too brown).
14. When cold, dust with powdered vanila sugar and cut in thin slices for serving.

The recipe calls for flour with pre added eggs and hence no eggs are added while making the dough.


  1. Really superbly made, so many thin layers are there! A sweet pride of any cook and great for anybody with a sweet tooth (or sweet teeth :))

  2. saw it again, so yummy


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