November 11, 2012


Shrikhand is a simple dessert popular in Maharashtra (Western India). Yogurt is hung overnight to turn it into this thick creamy consistency. The sweet essence and flavor of freshly ground cardamom and generous scatter of nuts and raisins completes it. A popular variation, Amrakhand, has mango pulp added to it. And this is what I made the other day for my ‘mango pulp dessert’ series. A delicious refreshing bowl of mango-yogurt goodness.

You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

(Serves 2)

500g yogurt
1cup mango pulp
4tbsp sugar (or to taste)
1sp freshly ground cardamom
1tbsp golden raisins
1tbsp broken cashews


1.      Prepare a clean muslin cloth and fold in half to get 2 layers. Put the yogurt in it and tie tightly. Let it hang over night to drain out all the water. This gives a thick creamy ball of hung yogurt.
2.      Mix the yogurt with the mango pulp and sugar. Whisk to a smooth creamy consistency.
3.      Put in serving bowls and keep in a the fridge for a couple of hours or more allowing enough time for the sugar to dissolve and amrakhand to cool down.
4.      Serve chilled, garnished with ground cardamom, cashews and raisins. 

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