December 3, 2011

Five-spiced salmon with lightly caramelized fig

Whenever I go to the fish market, I am sure to buy a piece of this brightly colored fish. I find it one of the most tasty and flavorful fishes. And of course I am talking about salmon. I like crispy-skinned salmon dusted with different spices and paired up with some simple vegetables or fruits. The rich flavor of salmon and the subtlety of vegetables/ fruits are just the perfect combination for me. It makes me Saturday lunch happy. So this time it was these soft ripe figs that I lightly caramelized and served beside the succulent and crispy salmon seasoned with Chinese five-spice.

You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

(Serves 2)

2 pieces of salmon (~200g each)
4 big figs
1tbsp five-spice powder
Brown sugar


1.      Pat dry the fish and dust it with five-spice and salt.
2.      Grease a pan and make it hot.
3.      Put the fish skin side down and hold it down gently for a minute. Fry the fish on medium flame.
4.      In the meantime, half the figs and coat the face with brown sugar.
5.      In a heated pan, put the figs face down and cook until the sugar starts to caramelize.
6.      Switch off the heat, but the keep the figs in the pan so it continues to caramelize slowly.
7.      When the fish is almost cooked, flip over and lightly brown the other side.
8.      Plate each salmon piece with 4 pieces of lightly caramelized figs.

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