November 11, 2011

Narkel gur naru (Coconut balls with jaggery)

The soft of my palm would get this strong burning sensation as I tried to make but uniform balls from this coconut mixture. I would grease my palms more and go for the next balls. And in between making the balls, one would jump in my mouth. I am only tasting you know. This is my memory of making these narkel naru (coconut balls) during the festive days of my childhood. They were meant to last at least a week. But the glass jar would be empty in days. I loved it. Especially the ones my grandma used to make with milk and no jaggery. So when this time I ventured to make the naru I decided to combine both the ways. Also this time I used the fresh coconut instead of the coconut flakes from supermarket (thanks that my parents brought the little hand coconut scraper, hard to use but so worth it). I had some jaggery. And I always love putting a lot of milk and then evaporating it to get the nice creamy taste. As expected, they were just gone in days!!

 You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

(Makes ~ 40)

1 medium sized coconut
(3cups coconut flakes)
½ cup jaggery/molasses
1ml full cream milk
½ cup milk powder


1.       Break the coconut in half and finely grate the flesh (without the inner brown skin).
2.       In a heavy bottomed pan, mix together grated coconut, crumbled jiggery, milk powder and 250 ml milk. Mix well with a wooden spoon to form a uniform mixture.
3.       Now put the pan on moderate heat and add the rest of the milk.
4.       Reduce the milk and cook until it leaves the side of the pan into a uniform mass. Take care so the bottom does not burn.
5.       Grease your palms and quickly make balls pressing between you palm and fingers while the mixture is still hot/warm.
6.       Can be stored in glass jars for a week or so, or in the refrigerator for a bit longer.

The balls should be made while the mixture is still hot/warm. When it gets colder it becomes crumbly and difficult to form the shapes. I know it is hard when it is hot!
Coconut flakes form supermarket can be used. But the juicy fresh coconut tastes much better and should be used if possible.

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