February 21, 2011

Tea crusted salmon with asparagus

While watching some cookery show other day, I saw a tea crusted fish recipe. And being a lover of fish, I of course had to try it at the soonest possible opportunity. The show I was watching served tea crusted flatheads with consommé. I thought my dish a bit differently. I love salmon, and good quality salmon is easily available in the fresh market. I decided to crust it with Indian green tea on both sides. Then I pan-fried it in olive oil. In the market there were selling lovely tender asparagus, and I had bought some. The succulent asparagus boiled in tea teamed up great with the salmon. The crispy salmon crust broke into its soft juicy orange flesh on a bed of tender asparagus. It was a well-balanced play of subtle flavors and textures. I simply couldn’t have enough of it. One very simple, elegant and delicate dish it was.

You can print the recipe for your kitchen here: PRINTABLE RECIPE

(Serves 2 )

2 pieces of salmon (with skin)
6-8 tea bags (~15g tea)
20 asparagus shoots
Olive oil


1. Crust both sides of the salmon pieces evenly with powdered tea.
2. In a pot, start boiling water and drop a tea bag.
3. Cut away the hard bottom part of the asparagus shoots.
4. Boil them in tea water for around 5 minutes until tender yet firm.
5. Drain and sprinkle with salt and add a dullop of butter.
6. Heat olive oil in a pan.
7. When oil is hot, put in the salmon pieces skin side down and fry on medium heat.
8. Turn over, and fry until it is cooked through.
9. Drain oil and serve on a bed of asparagus.

The oil should be hot enough for frying fish.
To cut of the hard bottom of asparagus and not have much waste, try to break it towards the end. The natural breaking point is the point beyond which the shoot is hard.

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