August 28, 2010

Paneer pepper bhurji

I invited Blaž to my place for a simple dinner of vegetable pulao. I had got all the vegetables beforehand but messed up with something. Therefore, that day on way home I decided to buy chicken and make chicken pulao instead. However, luck was not in favor of pulao that day. The small nearby shop had its meat section closed and did not have any good vegetables. It was a bad situation. The dinner was supposed to be simplest, but I had nothing to cook even for the simplest dinner! With only one big bell pepper at home, I was supposed to cook a dinner for two! I was annoyed, and searching for ideas. And then, I remembered how simple it is to make paneer. My problem was solved. Paneer pepper bhurji was on the menu with rice; and it was liked. The crunchiness of pepper and freshness of paneer makes it a quick and tasty dish.


225g paneer (from one lit. milk)
1 big red bell pepper
1 small onion
1sp whole cumin (Indian)
1/2sp chili powder
Ground pepper


1. Make paneer from 1 lit of milk (how to make paneer), crush it and set aside.
2. Finely chop the onion and cut the pepper in cubes.
3. Heat oil in a pan.
4. When oil is heated, add the whole cumin and let it crackle.
5. Add the pepper. Cook for a couple of minutes.
6. Add the fresh crushed paneer.
7. Season with chili, salt, a pinch of sugar and pepper.
8. Cook on medium heat until the pepper is crunchy but not soft, and the paneer is fried.
9. Serve with steaming rice or hot roti.

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