July 4, 2010

Tarragon cake

Blaž's mother got this simple recipe of cake with tarragon herb from a colleague of hers and we thought it as an interesting idea to try. It is light and non-creamy. The sweet vanilla flavored golden cake studded with tiny green leaves is tempting. The tarragon, delicacy of French cooking, adds a subtle but extraordinary hint of spice and aroma. This complex blend of flavors and aromas is however the yield of a simple recipe. It gives an interesting idea to experiment with herbs in cakes!


250g flour
200g sugar powder
8g vanilla sugar
8-9g baking powder
100ml oil
100ml milk
5 eggs
1-2 bunch of tarragon


1. Beat egg white until it is stiff and keep in the fridge.
2. Mix egg yolk with sugar powder and vanilla sugar until creamy.
3. Add oil to it and mix.
4. Next add milk and mix.
5. Add flour and mix well.
6. Add chopped tarragon to the mixture.
7. Finally add egg white and gently fold such that it does not drop in volume.
8. Put it in a greased baking dish (round ridged baking dish with hole in middle).
9. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.
10. Check with a needle, and when baked let it cool.
11. Turn it on the serving plate and dust with vanilla sugar powder.

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